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Is there WiFi?

All condos and studio chalets are equipped with high-speed WiFi with unlimited download.

What kind of television do you have?

All our units are equipped with smart TV

Is there a cable service?

No cable service.

Are there towels for the shower?

Yes, each unit is equipped with one shower towel per person. 

Are there towels for spas?

No, you have to bring your spa towels.

Can you use the shower towels for the spa?

No it is not recommended to use the towels from home for the spa.

Is there a departure procedure?

Yes, you must take out the recycling and compost bins and arrange them in the bins designed for this purpose outside and you must have washed and stored your dishes.

What are the household expenses for?

The cleaning costs are used for the regular maintenance of the property, such as changing and washing the sheets and towels, sweeping, washing the floors, washing the bathroom and maintaining the  spa.

Is there any equipment for cooking?

All units are equipped to prepare simple meals.  Dishware and cauldron.

What time are the check-in and check-out?

The check-in, is starting at 4:00 PM  and the check-out at the latest 11:00AM

How do we get the keys ?

All condo and studio cottages are equipped with a key box or electronic lock

When do I get the code for the door?

You receive the key box or electronic lock code 24 hours before your arrival

Or animals accepted ?

Unfortunately no animal, even then are well trained , even the least hairy, even birds, even in a cage, even even even ...